Expect the Royal Treatment

Getting Ready

It’s easy! Most MRI scans require no preparation, and the majority of our patients are not required to fast or follow a special diet. If, however, you have certain types of scans, you may be asked not to eat or drink for several hours before your exam.

Upon Arrival

You’ll be greeted by a warm, welcoming staff in our calm, spacious environment. They’ll ask you to remove all metallic objects from your body and place them in a locked cabinet in your private changing suite.

Before you enter the exam room, notify your technologist if you have any metal in your body, such as:

  • Metallic joint prosthesis
  • Artificial heart valves
  • An implantable heart defibrillator
  • A pacemaker
  • Metal clips to prevent aneurysms from leaking
  • Cochlear implants
  • A bullet, shrapnel or any other type of metal fragment

Also, tell your technologist if you think you’re pregnant, because the effects of magnetic fields on fetuses aren’t well understood. Your doctor may recommend choosing an alternative exam or postponing the MRI.

Getting Ready

Your technologist will help settle you onto the scanning bed and ensure your comfort with a pillow, soft blanket and your choice of satellite radio tunes. There are no moving parts around you, no dark tunnels and no tight spaces. You can just lay back and relax.

During Your Exam

You’ll be able to see the room around you and interact with a family member. It’s very important, however, that you lie as still as possible during your exam. Any motion can affect the quality of your images.

You may hear some tapping and thumping noises. Don’t worry, that’s just how the machine sounds while it works.

After about 45 minutes, your exam will be complete and you will be able to go on your way.

After Your Exam

If you haven’t been sedated prior to your exam, you should be able to enjoy your usual activities immediately after your scan.