Advanced Technology with a Tender Touch

Although atmosphere makes a big difference — and ours can’t be beat — the 
most important consideration when selecting an MRI center is the quality of
 images you receive.

Wayne MRI offers new levels of excellence in open MRI with our MAGNETOM Espree™ and MAGNETOM Avanto™ systems. Together with our skilled team of professionals, this advanced technology assures you and your physician the highest quality images for a more accurate diagnoses.


MAGNETOM Espree™ is the world’s first open-bore MRI system with a field strength of 1.5 Tesla. (That’s strong!) The most powerful MRI scanner available in a clinical setting, the Espree offers claustrophobic, obese, geriatric and pediatric patients the extra space to feel more at ease and comfortable. To make your exam even more comfortable, it now can perform head-to-toe exams in a single pass.


The MAGNETOM Avanto™ also has a field strength of 1.5 Tesla. It features the first whole-body surface coil, eliminating the need for you to change position during your scan. The system also offers seamless metastasis evaluation to monitor the spread of cancer, whole central nervous system imaging and visualization of vascular diseases.