Respecting Rights and Dignity

Wayne Memorial Hospital strives to maintain the highest quality of life for its patients, and therefore, the Hospital’s employees, independent contractors, and agents (collectively, the “Hospital Personnel”), are expected to respect the rights and dignity of all patients, to adhere to high ethical standards, and to work in cooperation with all members of the Hospital’s team to consistently evaluate the Hospital’s performance and improve the Hospital’s services when needed.

In order to advance the Hospital’s commitment to quality care and to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, the Hospital expects the Hospital Personnel to comply with its Compliance Plan and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and to make reports of suspected compliance violations in good faith.  While the policies and procedures that make up the Hospital’s Compliance Plan give detailed information regarding the rights and responsibilities of each member of the Hospital Personnel, the basic elements of the Compliance Plan are as follows:

  • Each member of the Hospital Personnel is expected to avoid engaging in activities that fail to comply with the Compliance Plan and all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Each member of the Hospital Personnel is expected to report in good faith all suspected violations of the Compliance Plan or any applicable federal and state laws and regulations to the Compliance Officer, or the person acting for the Compliance Officer.
  • In the event that a member of the Hospital Personnel is found to be in violation of any such policy, law, or regulation, he or she shall be disciplined according to the severity of the infraction.
  • Each member of the Hospital Personnel shall agree to be bound by the requirements of state and federal law and shall accept responsibility to understand such requirements and to recognize the potential failure of another individual associated with the Hospital to do the same.
  • Each member of the Hospital Personnel shall agree to undergo training and education to recognize potential pitfalls in his or her duties and those of others.

In addition to these basic elements, the Compliance Plan consists of policies and procedures that educate the Hospital Personnel about applicable state and federal laws, their rights and obligations under those laws, and the evaluation of potential violations of such laws; education and training sessions; implementation of a reporting system for suspected compliance issues; and the use of audits or other techniques to evaluate compliance and areas for improvement.  Members of the Hospital Personnel may also anonymously report issues of suspected fraud, waste, and abuse, including the submission of false claims, by contacting the Corporate Compliance Hotline.

Copies of the policies and procedures are accessible to each member of the Hospital’s Personnel, and a copy of the Compliance Plan is available upon request, by contacting the Hospital’s Corporate Compliance Officer.

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